Podcast #139 Phrasal Verbs with COME – Part 1

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COME ABOUT The phrasal verb come about can have the same meaning as the verb happen. You became the assistant to the mayor? How did that come about?   Another meaning of come about is come into being. How did the universe come about?   COME ACROSS/UPON The phrasal verbs come across and come upon [...] Read More

Podcast #138 Teenage Question

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Podcast #138_EXERCISES There’s this girl at my school. We are in almost all of the same classes. We sit next to each other in one class. She laughs a lot at my jokes. We always say “Hi” when we see each other. We talk on Snapchat about random things. Last night we both went to [...] Read More

Podcast #137 Conversation on a Plane

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Podcast #137_EXERCISES Last week I was on a plane to Los Angeles. The man sitting next to me was Asian. He was from China. We started to talk. His English name was Edward. He had studied English for over twenty years. This was his first time in the United States. His wife was travelling with [...] Read More

Podcast #136 NEXT and LAST in Time Expressions

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Welcome to Podcast #136 of ESL Aloud. In the previous lesson you learned how to express indefinite duration in expressions like for a few hours and for several months. You learned not to use the word some in this type of expression. In this lesson you will learn how to avoid another common type of [...] Read More

Podcast #135 Avoiding SOME in Time Expressions

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Welcome to Podcast #135 of ESL Aloud. This lesson concerns the incorrect use of the word some in expressions of time. Many learners of English, even pretty advanced speakers, will say something like I stayed at the beach for some weeks when what they should have said is I stayed at the beach for a [...] Read More

Podcast #134 Older Drivers

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Podcast134 EXERCISES Some things get better as you grow older. Driving a car does not. You don’t see as well as you used to. Headlights are hard on your eyes. Your reaction time is slower. Traffic noise gets on your nerves. It’s easier to get drowsy. Long drives exhaust you. You drive too slowly. Other [...] Read More

Podcast #133 A Birthday Dilemma

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Podcast133 EXERCISES Two guys were talking at work. “I’ve got a problem,” said the first one. “What is it?” said his friend. “My wife has done it to me again. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow. I’m supposed to buy her a present. I am totally out of ideas. It isn’t fair. It’s her mother, not [...] Read More

Podcast #132 Negative Prefixes

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He sounds like a native speaker of French. His speech is completely unaccented.   You’d better start behaving better. Your attitude is unacceptable.   Could you go over that again?   Your reasoning was unclear.   She’s an interesting artist.  She uses materials in uncommon ways.   The situation was serious in the city square. [...] Read More

Podcast #131 Getting Ready for The Big One

Lesson Exercises The last significant earthquake here was in 1994. That one killed 33 people immediately. More than 8700 people were injured.  Three weeks ago we had an earthquake. I was home and just felt one jolt. Two nights ago we also had a minor earthquake.  The house shook for about twenty seconds. The 1994 [...] Read More

Podcast #130 Prepositions with Adjectives (9)

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satisfied with When you are satisfied with something, that means it meets your standards or expectations. It is sufficiently good. It is acceptable He was satisfied with his daughter’s grades. Are you satisfied with this hotel?   scared of/by/for To be scared means to experience fear. Scared of means about the same as afraid of. [...] Read More

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