ESL Aloud App

Features of the completely free ESL Aloud app
for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.
1. A PDF of the sentences you practice in each episode is included as part of the app. You are able to view the text of the sentences while you play the podcast audio in the background.
2. The app allows you to pause and resume the podcast, so that if you are interrupted by a phone call, for example, you can pause the podcast, take your call, and resume the podcast when you are finished with the call.
3. Podcasts 81-142 contain exclusive bonus practice material that goes beyond the content of the podcast itself. This material is available only through the app.
4. Every new episode shows up instantaneously in the app, so you are sure to have the latest podcast at your fingertips at all times.
5. The app allows you to place a star on the episodes you want to revisit for further practice. This makes it easier for you to systematically review material in order to embed the sentence patterns more firmly in your memory.

To access ESL Aloud podcasts on your mobile device, you must first install, at no cost, The Podcast Source app. This app gives you access to ESL Aloud along with many other podcasts.

Just go to the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows phone, or Amazon Android app store and install The Podcast Source app for free! From there you can just search for ESL Aloud. No fees are charged to access the lessons.

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The ESL Aloud podcast lessons are designed for people who want to increase their abilities in speaking English as a second language (ESL).