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Podcast #116 My Case of the Flu

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Lesson Exercises My case of the flu started with a cough. I thought it was just a cold. I had had a flu shot, so I thought I was safe. I got some cough medicine. The next morning I felt achy all over. I had a fever. I also had a bad headache. My wife […] Read More

Podcast #65 Insomnia

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You spend about one-third of your life sleeping. Both mind and body require sleep. The inability to sleep is called insomnia. Some people with insomnia have trouble falling asleep. Others have difficulty staying asleep. Either way it can be a serious issue. My sleep problems are sporadic. I can have a month of perfect sleep. […] Read More

Podcast #12 Working Out at the Gym

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I went to the gym for a workout today. I try to go there at least three times a week. The best time to hit the gym is mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Most people are working at those times, so the gym is pretty empty. People go to the gym for different reasons. Some people want […] Read More

Podcast #4 My Sad Friend

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I dropped in on my friend Gregory. He was feeling pretty down. I asked him,” What is it that’s bothering you?” He said, “It’s hard to describe. I can’t seem to get anything done.” I said, “Do you think you should see someone about this?” He answered, “I’ll give it some thought.” I dropped in […] Read More

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