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Podcast #101 New Exercise Feature

Lesson Exercises A new feature has been added to ESL Aloud. These are PDFs that contain lesson exercises. They will come with most of the General Practice lessons. Currently, the PDFs have been added to four lessons. More will be added as time goes on. Each PDF is divided into three sections. The first is […] Read More

Podcast #91 My Barbers

Lesson Exercises Over the years I have had many barbers. I’ve easily spent over 200 hours in barber chairs. I don’t remember all my barbers. But some are definitely memorable. Jerry was my first barber. Jerry was an Italian immigrant. He always had the radio turned to opera. He charged 60 cents. In college I […] Read More

Podcast #80 ESL Aloud Android APP

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I am extremely happy to announce the Android App for ESL Aloud. This app is the most convenient way to bring the ESL Aloud experience to your Android smartphone so that you can practice your English anytime and anyplace. Here are some of the features of the app. Feature 1: A PDF of the sentences […] Read More

Podcast #55 Picking Olives

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Recently my wife and I went olive picking. The olive farm belongs to a colleague of my wife. We drove up on a Friday night from Los Angeles to the town of Paso Robles. The next morning we had a big breakfast. We knew we would need lots of energy. The olive farm was ten […] Read More

Podcast #40 The 2008 Olympics

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China was the host country for the 2008 Olympics. The effort made to prepare Beijing for the Olympics was massive. The cost was close to $50 billion. One big issue was air quality. Some factories had to stop operating. Automobile traffic came under strict controls. The efforts seem to have succeeded. The training for Olympic […] Read More

Podcast #28 Borrowing Money

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Dialog 1 A: I took out a loan for $1500 (fifteen hundred dollars). B: What rate of interest are you paying? A: I got it for 8 % (8 percent). B: Eight percent interest sounds high. Couldn’t you do any better? A: I looked everywhere. It’s the best I could do. Dialog 2 A: I […] Read More

Podcast #26 Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the most ridiculous places anywhere. It is a make-believe world for adults. People go there determined to have a good time. There is more than one definition of a good time. Gambling is naturally the big attraction. For some people gambling is an addiction. They are just unable to stop. […] Read More

Podcast #24 Sarah is Number One

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This lesson is a kind of experiment. You should do this lesson before and/or after watching the May 1 video podcast of a program called The Daily English Lesson. The video podcast is the creation of Sarah. Sarah is from New Zealand. She lives and works in Japan, where she teaches English. Here is the […] Read More

Podcast #13 Eating in a Restaurant

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I like to eat in a restaurant once a week. It gives me a chance to try different types of foods. Also it gives me a break from cooking. Last Friday I went with a friend to an Italian restaurant. We didn’t have to make a reservation. We were seated immediately. There were many choices […] Read More

Podcast #7 A Day at the Beach

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I went with my two children to the beach last week. It was not too crowded there. I was able to park right by the beach. We set up our umbrella and opened our chairs. The sun was extremely strong. The kids ran straight into the water. I watched them from the beach. The waves […] Read More

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