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Podcast #136 NEXT and LAST in Time Expressions

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Welcome to Podcast #136 of ESL Aloud. In the previous lesson you learned how to express indefinite duration in expressions like for a few hours and for several months. You learned not to use the word some in this type of expression. In this lesson you will learn how to avoid another common type of […] Read More

Podcast #127 SO and SUCH – Part 2

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The music is so loud. The music is so loud that I have a headache. The music is so loud I have a headache.   She spoke so slowly! She spoke so slowly that I fell asleep. She spoke so slowly I fell asleep.   We planned so carefully! We planned so carefully that nothing […] Read More

Podcast #126 SO and SUCH – Part 1

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It is hot today! It is very very hot today! It is so hot today! It is such a hot day!   My teacher is so strict. She is such a strict teacher.   That cake is so delicious. That is such a delicious cake.   The lecture was so long. It was such a […] Read More

Podcast #117 Expressing Duration with SINCE and FOR

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I have taught French since 1990. He has been mayor since 2005. I have been waiting here since five o’clock. She had been a problem since the day she was born. It has not rained since Monday. He has been unemployed since February. She has been fighting cancer since last summer.   I studied Arabic […] Read More

Podcast #99 Expressions formed with WHAT…LIKE

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Note: Sentences in italics were presented for listening only. What is the new teacher like? What’s it like to work two jobs? What was it like fighting in the war? I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a banker. Tell me what it’s like living alone.   It’s cloudy today. It is cloudy today. […] Read More

Podcast #21 Question Word Followed by TO + Verb

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He forgot how to start the engine. I didn’t know where to go. We couldn’t decide whether to sell the car. He explained what to do. She asked who to see about the problem. I told her when to come. Question words that are used in the pattern: who what where when how whether Most […] Read More

Podcast #20 Reflexive Pronouns with -SELF and –SELVES

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I myself you (singular) yourself you (plural) yourselves he himself she herself it itself we ourselves they themselves My father cut himself when he was shaving. I blame myself for my son’s actions. Mrs. Jones drove herself to the beach. Did you teach yourself how to sew? She told herself that everything would be OK. […] Read More

Podcast #18 The -ING Verb Form Used as a Noun

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I like bread. I like swimming. Robert was tired of Italian food. Dorothy was tired of eating in restaurants. I like to read in the morning. I like reading in the morning. It is easy to buy books over the Internet. Buying books over the Internet is easy. I think it is a bad idea […] Read More

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