Podcast #27 Job Application

 Published in the category Employment, General Practice

I’m filling out an application for a new job. I’m not sure who to give as a reference. They usually get in touch with at least one reference. So you want references to say good things about you. But a reference on an application shouldn’t be just a friend. References on applications should be people […] Read More

Podcast #26 Las Vegas

 Published in the category General Practice, Special Activities

Las Vegas is one of the most ridiculous places anywhere. It is a make-believe world for adults. People go there determined to have a good time. There is more than one definition of a good time. Gambling is naturally the big attraction. For some people gambling is an addiction. They are just unable to stop. […] Read More

Podcast #25 My Trip to Canada

 Published in the category General Practice, Travel

Three weeks ago my wife and I went on a trip to Canada. We rented a house in a town named Canmore, in the province of Alberta. Canmore is located just outside Banff National Park. We were in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. The house was spacious. Five members of our family were with us […] Read More

Podcast #24 Sarah is Number One

 Published in the category General Practice, Special Activities

This lesson is a kind of experiment. You should do this lesson before and/or after watching the May 1 video podcast of a program called The Daily English Lesson. The video podcast is the creation of Sarah. Sarah is from New Zealand. She lives and works in Japan, where she teaches English. Here is the […] Read More

Podcast #23 SOME and ANY

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Indefinite Words

I went to the beach with some friends. I bought some tea. She sang some songs in Russian. Do you have any black markers? Haven’t any packages arrived for me? Are there any ripe tomatoes in the garden? We don’t have any instructions yet. They couldn’t find any wood to make a fire. Please don’t […] Read More

Podcast #22 The Indefinite Use of THEY

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Indefinite Words

I talked with my parents last night. They are not very happy. She bought three chairs. They were very expensive. Look at those mountains.  They are so beautiful. They say it’s going to rain tonight. They eat a lot of fish in Japan. They don’t let you bring food into the theater. There was a […] Read More

Podcast #21 Question Word Followed by TO + Verb

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Other

He forgot how to start the engine. I didn’t know where to go. We couldn’t decide whether to sell the car. He explained what to do. She asked who to see about the problem. I told her when to come. Question words that are used in the pattern: who what where when how whether Most […] Read More

Podcast #20 Reflexive Pronouns with -SELF and –SELVES

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Other

I myself you (singular) yourself you (plural) yourselves he himself she herself it itself we ourselves they themselves My father cut himself when he was shaving. I blame myself for my son’s actions. Mrs. Jones drove herself to the beach. Did you teach yourself how to sew? She told herself that everything would be OK. […] Read More

Podcast #19 The Many Meanings of GO

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Word Study

The teacher was very angry. The car was moving very fast. I like to sing very much. She is walking to the store. She is going to the store. John is driving to the supermarket. John is going to the supermarket They are traveling to Canada next year. They are going to Canada next year. […] Read More

Podcast #18 The -ING Verb Form Used as a Noun

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Other

I like bread. I like swimming. Robert was tired of Italian food. Dorothy was tired of eating in restaurants. I like to read in the morning. I like reading in the morning. It is easy to buy books over the Internet. Buying books over the Internet is easy. I think it is a bad idea […] Read More

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