Podcast #107 Word Study for DEAL

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Whose turn is it to deal? Whose deal is it? I think it’s my deal. Didn’t you deal the last hand? The deal was passed to the next player. The dealer dealt two cards to each player. I was dealt three bad hands in a row. I want to keep playing. Deal me in. I […] Read More

Podcast #106 Prepositions with Adjectives (6)

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happy for/to/with When you are happy for a person, you are happy that something good has happened for that person. Her wedding was just beautiful. I was so happy for her. I was happy for him when he passed his exams. The phrase happy to indicates that you are willing to do something. It usually […] Read More

Podcast #105 Numbers – Part 2

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Three hundred forty-nine Webster Avenue Three hundred and forty-nine Webster Avenue   Three forty-nine Webster Avenue 3-4-9 Webster Avenue.   1957 Main Street   809 Curtis Boulevard 503 Beacon Street 2304 Broadway 5806 Montana Avenue   750 Emerson Avenue 3263 Seventh Avenue 408 Chester Boulevard 7602 Washington Avenue   310-274-8178 583-814-6000 212-807-3350 617-444-1027   1-800-387-8629 […] Read More

Podcast #104 A Deep Story

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Lesson Exercises There were these two guys out hiking. They came upon an old, abandoned mine shaft. They were curious about its depth. One of them threw in a pebble. They waited for the sound of it striking the bottom. But they heard nothing. They went and got a bigger rock. They threw it in […] Read More

Podcast #103 Numbers – Part 1

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3   13   23   30   33   63   93 110   862   423   672   912   555   739 I had a hundred dollars to gamble with in the casino. I had one hundred dollars to gamble with in the casino. 3,586   8,310   2,829   7,401   12,500   32,476 Years: 1857   1775   1986 […] Read More

Podcast #102 CREATE and DESTROY

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Welcome to Podcast 102 of ESL Aloud, where you learn to speak English by speaking English. In this lesson we are going to look at two powerful basic words and many words that are built using these two words as a foundation. The two words are create and destroy. Here are all the words you […] Read More

Podcast #101 New Exercise Feature

Lesson Exercises A new feature has been added to ESL Aloud. These are PDFs that contain lesson exercises. They will come with most of the General Practice lessons. Currently, the PDFs have been added to four lessons. More will be added as time goes on. Each PDF is divided into three sections. The first is […] Read More

Podcast #100 Giving Compliments

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A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration that you say in order to tell a person you recognize some special quality. Here are some examples of compliments: You say to someone at work: The suggestions you made at the meeting today were outstanding. You say to a child after a soccer game: You […] Read More

Podcast #99 Expressions formed with WHAT…LIKE

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Note: Sentences in italics were presented for listening only. What is the new teacher like? What’s it like to work two jobs? What was it like fighting in the war? I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a banker. Tell me what it’s like living alone.   It’s cloudy today. It is cloudy today. […] Read More

Podcast #98 Phrasal Verbs with PUT – Part 2

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PUT IN The  phrasal verb put in means to install. You put in or install a piece of equipment when you place it where it is supposed to be. It took them two hours to put in our new dishwasher. It took them two hours to put our new dishwasher in.   PUT IN FOR […] Read More

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