Podcast #87 An American Student in Italy

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Lesson Exercises Podcast #87  An American Student in Italy Oliver is the son of my best friend. Oliver spent a college semester in Padua, Italy. He lived with a lovely family. They treated him like a son. Especially the mother, Emelia. He had many nice experiences with them. Some of these were quite funny. Here […] Read More

Podcast #86 Prepositions with Adjectives (5)

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generous to/with/of The main meaning of generous is “giving” or “sharing.” Let’s start with the combinations generous to and generous with. A person is generous to other people or generous with other people. With this meaning, the phrase generous to is more common than generous with, but they are both equally acceptable. He is generous […] Read More

Podcast #85 The Word SALE

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I’m going to sell my old computer on EBay. How many all-electric cars have they sold? He sold his house for over 400 thousand dollars.   The sale of his business made him a rich man. The police promise to stop the sale of illegal drugs. Auto sales have been low this winter.   Do […] Read More

Podcast #84 When Someone is Angry with You

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I’m very sorry about what happened. I’m truly sorry about what happened I’m sincerely sorry about this situation.   This situation should never have happened. I agree that this kind of mistake is unacceptable. What happened is unacceptable.   You have every right to be angry. I don’t blame you in the least for being […] Read More

Podcast #83 Abbreviations and Acronyms – Part 2

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In this climate people run their AC six months a year. A/C is pretty much standard for cars these days. You have to convert AC to DC for many computer devices. My electric car can charge up on any AC outlet. Could you please get that done for me asap? I need the information I […] Read More

Podcast #82 Saying Good Things About Yourself

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I’m an extremely dependable person. I’m a person you can depend on.   If I say I’m going to get something done, I do it. Whatever I say I’m going to do, I do.   I’m a good listener. I’m good at listening to others.   I care about people. I’m an empathetic person.   […] Read More

Podcast #81 The Adverb JUST

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I just received a letter from my friend. We just saw a terrible car accident. The guests just arrived. They just announced that the war is over.   The airplane has just landed. They had just finished their meal when the phone rang. The company has just issued a press release.   He just lost […] Read More

Podcast #80 ESL Aloud Android APP

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I am extremely happy to announce the Android App for ESL Aloud. This app is the most convenient way to bring the ESL Aloud experience to your Android smartphone so that you can practice your English anytime and anyplace. Here are some of the features of the app. Feature 1: A PDF of the sentences […] Read More

Podcast #79 Intelligence

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Lesson Exercises It was a very hot day. Two men were digging a ditch. One said to the other, “Our boss is up there in the shade of a tree. Why are we down here digging a ditch?” “I don’t know,” replied the other.  “I’ll go ask him.” He climbed out of the ditch. He went […] Read More

Podcast #78 Prepositions with Adjectives (4)

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friendly with/to/toward Let’s begin the discussion of the adjective friendly by practicing sentences with the phrase friends with. It will make it a little easier to understand the phrases with friendly. If you are friends with someone it means that person is a friend of yours. He has been friends with Kelly for over twenty […] Read More

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