Podcast #77 Telling People to Wait or Saying You’re Late

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Just a second. Just a minute. I’ll be with you in a couple of minutes. I’ll be with you in a second. Just give me a couple of minutes. I just need a couple of minutes. Can you give me just a couple of minutes? I need just a moment. I’ll be with you in […] Read More

Podcast #76 Wordnet for REGULAR

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If something is regular, it follows a pattern or a rule, in one way or the other it is repetitive and predictable. Every month I send in a car loan payment of $65. I make regular monthly payments on my car. Every two weeks she receives a check from the insurance company. She gets a […] Read More

Podcast #75 Phrasal Verbs with GO — Part 2

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go by is used to describe the passage of time The years go by so quickly. Time goes by slowly in prison You can also use go by to mean stopping in at someone’s house. We went by Jack’s house to see if he was feeling better. go by can mean to act or think […] Read More

Podcast #74 Flying is for the Birds

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Lesson Exercises Flying used to be exciting. Now it is just annoying. You get dropped off  at the airport. For reasons of security, people can’t wait with you. You are suddenly cut off from your normal life. After you check in, you join the security line. This line can take an hour to get through. […] Read More

Podcast #73 Phrasal Verbs with GO – Part 1

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go about can mean to follow a procedure. Does she know how to go about exchanging her tickets? How should I go about making the request? go along with can mean to agree with a policy. He didn’t go along with the idea of invading Iraq. go along with can also mean to agree with […] Read More

Podcast #72 My Funniest Dream

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Lesson Exercises Welcome to Podcast #72 of ESL Aloud. Today I am going to begin by telling you a little about my short career in the army and then I will relate to you the funniest dream I ever had.  After that you’ll have the opportunity to hear each original sentence and repeat it twice, […] Read More

Podcast #71 Using the Contraction It’s (It is)

 Published in the category Contractions, Grammar and Usage

Today we are going to practice sentences and clauses beginning with It’s, which is the contraction of It is and is spelled i-t-apostrophe-s.  Note that It’s can also be a contraction for It has as in It’s cost me a lot of money. It has cost me a lot of money. But in this lesson […] Read More

Podcast #70 Volunteering in the U.S.

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Lesson Exercises I know a lot of people who do volunteer work. One friend helps out in a third-grade classroom. He’s in there mornings five days a week. A woman I know volunteers for Meals on Wheels. This organization delivers food to the homes of the elderly. One year I coached a youth baseball team. […] Read More

Podcast #69 Phrasal Verbs with TALK

 Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Phrasal Verbs

talk about: Talk about is not considered to be a true phrasal verb, but it looks like one, so we will start with it.  When you talk about something you are verbally sharing your thoughts or observations about a topic. He talked about his childhood. We can talk about that later. Did you talk with […] Read More

Podcast #68 Abbreviations and Acronyms

 Published in the category Abbreviations and Acronyms, Grammar and Usage

I went down to AAA to pick up some maps. I dropped in at AAA to get some maps She has been going to AA meetings for over ten years. She’s been attending AA meetings for more than a decade. HP is severely lowering the prices on their laptop computers. HP is aggressively discounting their […] Read More

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