Podcast #11 Not Just a Simple Question!

Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Questions

Can you help me clean the house?

Can’t you help me clean the house?

Is $40 a high price for a belt?

Isn’t $40 a high price for a belt?

Shouldn’t we call and make a reservation?

Wouldn’t you like to come in the house for a while?

Won’t you be coming to the family party?

Isn’t that Robert’s wife?

Wouldn’t you like to see a movie tonight?

Doesn’t she have a sister in New York?

Shouldn’t you write to your mother?

Can’t you be a little less noisy?

Won’t you have a second helping of dessert?

Don’t you like using the Internet?

Isn’t he being too strict with the children?

Couldn’t you stay a little longer?

Can’t you see my side of the story?

Wouldn’t you rather read than watch TV?

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