Podcast #113 Avoiding the Overuse of VERY

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I was absolutely certain it was a good plan.
This is the absolutely worst day of my life.
The two brothers are completely different.
Why are you so completely heartless?
You are entirely correct.
The workers are entirely satisfied with the new contract.
His wife was utterly charming.
I am utterly incapable of learning how to dance.
Your behavior is totally unacceptable.
Let’s be totally clear about our goals.

She is awfully intelligent.
I know I’m being awfully stubborn.
Doing homework is terribly important.
The new hospital is terribly understaffed.
His son is dreadfully talented on the piano.
It’s dreadfully hot in here.

She is being incredibly brave.
This program is incredibly easy to use.
He was incredibly mean to his children.
I came unbelievably close to losing everything.
She is unbelievably good-natured.

His parents were immensely proud of him.
Her comedy act was immensely entertaining.
I was tremendously impressed with the hotel.
She was tremendously upset by the news.
They were enormously grateful for my help.
I found the analysis enormously interesting.

He is extremely generous.
It was extremely hot and humid.
Their business is doing fantastically well.
He developed a fantastically popular app.

That building is extraordinarily well designed.
She is extraordinarily kind-hearted.

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