Podcast #120 USUAL and USUALLY

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He usually plays golf on Saturdays.

She was in her usual bad mood.

It’s unusually hot today.

It’s an unusually hot day.

Usually I don’t post on Facebook.

He usually wears a suit and tie to work.

She ordered her usual drink at the bar.

That car has an unusual shape.

It’s unusual to see so many tourists here.


It is more usual to eat out than it used to be.

It used to be more usual to marry young.

What is the most usual reason for divorce?

Alcohol is the most usual cause of liver disease.


I met a most unusual man this morning.

The nurse’s behavior was most unusual.


She is not usually so rushed.

This store is not usually so crowded.

That information is not usually available.


It’s usual for two-year-olds to be afraid of strangers.

It’s usual for a teacher to have a favorite student.

It’s not unusual for a teenager to feel insecure.

It’s unusual for a cat to follow orders.

It’s not unusual for an athlete to have a slow heart rate.


She felt more hungry than usual.

She felt more than usually hungry.

The nights were colder than usual.

The nights were more than usually cold.


As usual, Chris arrived late.

The audience loved his songs as per usual.

As usual, my mother-in-law served beef stew.

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