Podcast #123 Animal Names

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The girl’s hair was mouse brown.

He’s a real mouse.

Eat a little slower. It’s not healthy to wolf down your food.

It is not polite to wolf your food down.

He can’t let a pretty woman pass without saying something to her. He is such a wolf.

Don’t trust that man. He is just pretending to be nice. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

My dad keeps bugging me about getting a job.

The phone company is always after me to sign up for a more expensive service. I wish they would stop bugging me.

It bugs me when the mailman comes late.

The screen freezes every two or three minutes. There must be a bug in the program.

This program is not ready to be released for sale. It is still very buggy.

I told you I didn’t want any company. Bug off!

You kids are getting too wild. If you want to horse around, go outside.

You have been at the piano for twenty minutes, but you haven’t started practicing your lesson. Stop horsing around and get to work.

I stopped in the town of Carver. There were just three stores and a gas station. It’s a real one-horse town.

Your brother must really have been hungry. He ate like a horse.

My uncle is not educated, but he is good at solving practical problems. He has a lot of horse sense.

This smells fishy.

This smells pretty fishy.

This seems fishy to me.

This seems pretty fishy to me.

This sounds fishy to me.

This sounds pretty fishy to me.

This looks fishy.

This looks pretty fishy.

I don’t understand what attracts you to Boris. He is such a cold fish.

I don’t care about sports and everyone at the party was talking about football or golf. I felt like a fish out of water.

I’m worried about my friend’s health. She drinks like a fish.

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