Podcast #132 Negative Prefixes

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He sounds like a native speaker of French.

His speech is completely unaccented.


You’d better start behaving better.

Your attitude is unacceptable.


Could you go over that again?  

Your reasoning was unclear.


She’s an interesting artist. 

She uses materials in uncommon ways.


The situation was serious in the city square.

The crowds were close to uncontrollable.


He never shows emotion.

He seems to be an unfeeling person.


Don’t go anywhere yet.

You and I have unfinished business.


That theater closed last year.

It is unknown whether it will open again.


I hate the taste of diet drinks.

They all have an unnatural flavor.


I don’t think anyone will vote for him.

He holds some very unpopular opinions.


She didn’t get the job.

They said she was unqualified.


You should replace your bicycle tires. 

I think they are unsafe.


You never know what she is going to do next.

She’s really quite unstable.


Children are heavier than they used to be.

That’s because they are physically inactive.


The fan operated very quietly.

It was practically inaudible.


This tool is made of a new metal alloy.

The manufacturer claims it is indestructible.


We bought a new furnace for our house.

The old one was inefficient.


The directions for setting up the GPS device drove me crazy.

The language was so inexact.


I wish he would grow up.

I’m losing patience with his immaturity.


He was lying down with his leg on a pillow.

He had to keep his knee immobile.


They wanted to leave the party after fifteen minutes.

But that would have been impolite.


You can’t just start a sidewalk business without a license.

Doing that is illegal.


Could you please write more carefully.

Your printing is practically illegible.


Nobody trusts her with anything important.

She is quite irresponsible.


I couldn’t leave the store without buying the hat.

The reduced price was irresistible.


Don’t worry about catching my cough.

The doctor says it is noncontagious.


I disapprove of e-cigarettes.

I do not believe they are non-addictive.


I don’t pay much attention to current affairs.

I tend to be pretty much apolitical.


Her little daughter listened carefully to our conversation.

This is atypical behavior for a five-year-old.

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