Podcast #18 The -ING Verb Form Used as a Noun

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I like bread.

I like swimming.

Robert was tired of Italian food.

Dorothy was tired of eating in restaurants.

I like to read in the morning.

I like reading in the morning.

It is easy to buy books over the Internet.

Buying books over the Internet is easy.

I think it is a bad idea to go to that girl’s house.

I think going to that girl’s house is a bad idea.

After I finished my assignment, I took a little walk.

After finishing my assignment, I took a little walk.

I hate to shop for clothes.

I hate shopping for clothes.

I cannot stand it when people smoke.

Smoking is something I cannot stand.

She didn’t want to work on weekends anymore.

She was tired of working on weekends.

They discussed whether to sell the house immediately.

They discussed selling the house immediately.

He regretted that he got so angry at the grocery clerk.

He regretted getting so angry at the grocery clerk.

She won’t let anyone help with the dishes.

She insists on doing the dishes herself.

He wrote about when he was a child and grew up on a farm.

He wrote about growing up on a farm.

It is hard work to pick tomatoes in the hot sun.

Picking tomatoes in the hot sun is hard work.

She didn’t want to appear to be too strict with the children.

She was afraid of appearing to be too strict with the children.

I couldn’t believe you weren’t allowed to race in the swimming pool.

I couldn’t believe that racing was not allowed in the swimming pool.

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