Podcast #20 Reflexive Pronouns with -SELF and –SELVES

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I myself

you (singular) yourself

you (plural) yourselves

he himself

she herself

it itself

we ourselves

they themselves

My father cut himself when he was shaving.

I blame myself for my son’s actions.

Mrs. Jones drove herself to the beach.

Did you teach yourself how to sew?

She told herself that everything would be OK.

You did not give yourself enough time to make a decision.

The elephants hid themselves among the trees.

The graffiti artists got themselves into trouble.

She went to the movies by herself.

The child learned how to ride a bike by himself.

We should encourage children to solve their social problems by themselves.

Greg cannot do that job by himself.

I sat in the room for two hours by myself.

Rebecca filled out the form by herself.

He bought a coat for himself.

He bought himself a coat.

I found myself a good doctor.

We bought ourselves a home in the mountains.

They got themselves a lawyer.

He always sets himself high standards.

The president himself spoke to the tourists.

You yourselves are responsible for your success or failure.

My mother herself had to help fight the fire.

I myself do not believe in arranged marriages.

The cook himself agreed that the soup was bad.

You yourself said I could come to work at 10 a.m.

They wanted to do it themselves.

Anton has a pretty high opinion of himself.

He hurt himself skateboarding.

Maria wrote herself a reminder and put it near the phone.

The bus driver himself was not injured in the accident.

I think I’ll buy myself a new computer.

I forced myself to be nice to the customer.

We should not fool ourselves about the real dangers.

This law itself is not the problem.

Do yourself a favor and get more sleep.

She herself thought the joke was quite funny.

The monkey scratched himself for two minutes.

I put the blanket over myself.

You should get yourself some new friends.

She stood by herself on the beach.

He helped himself to some cookies.

We have to prepare ourselves for any emergency.

Don’t trouble yourself about the dishes.

God helps those who help themselves.

He burned himself making a campfire.

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