Podcast #24 Sarah is Number One

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This lesson is a kind of experiment. You should do this lesson before and/or after watching the May 1 video podcast of a program called The Daily English Lesson. The video podcast is the creation of Sarah. Sarah is from New Zealand. She lives and works in Japan, where she teaches English.

Here is the link to the May 1, 2007, edition of The Daily English Show:

Sarah achieved her dream.

Sarah reached one of her highest goals.

She was voted the number one video podcast.

Her video podcast was voted number one.

She voted for herself.

She cast a vote for herself.

Thank you very much. That’s very cool.

I can’t thank you enough. That’s really nice.

Sarah printed out the list.

Sarah made a printout of the list.

Some people left some very nice comments.

Some people wrote very nice comments.

A woman emailed to ask if she could get broadband service.

A woman emailed to see about getting broadband service.

The word gay has several uses.

The word gay has a number of different meanings.

The word gay can mean a homosexual person.

The word gay can be used to mean a homosexual person.

A woman named Gay received an automated reply email.

A woman named Gay got back an automated reply email.

The company apologized. [missing in audio]

The company made an apology.

You heard that Gay received an automated reply email. The prefix AUTO- in the word automated means “by oneself” or “by itself” or “self acting.”An automated email reply program studies the words in the email you write. It matches your words against a list of words and uses those matches to decide what message you should receive back. In the case Sarah describes, the filter saw the word GAY and decided that it was an inappropriate word for a business email, because it can mean homosexual. Now here are some sentences to help practice words that have the prefix AUTO

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine.

I took out 50 dollars from an ATM.

I got 50 bucks at an automated teller machine.

Can you tell me where the nearest ATM is?

Can you point me to the nearest ATM?

Some restaurants automatically add a tip to the bill.

If you are born in the USA you are automatically a citizen.

If someone writes the story of your life, it is called a biography. If you write your own life story it is called an autobiography.

I wonder if anyone would read my autobiography?

Have your read any good biographies lately?

I read the autobiography of Charles Darwin.

Reading biographies is a good way to study history.

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