Podcast #44 Prepositions with Adjectives

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accustomed to

My mother was accustomed to eating in fine restaurants.

His eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark.

In war you become accustomed to the smell of death.

afraid of

Some people are afraid of thunder and lightning.

I am afraid of swimming in deep water.

What are you afraid of?

She is afraid of that boy.

afraid about is close in meaning to afraid of, but afraid about always refers to some event in the future

Aren’t you afraid about the spread of nuclear weapons?

He is afraid about going to college in the fall.

They were afraid about running out of water in the desert.

afraid for means being worried about what might happen to someone or something

My brother-in-law is violent. I am afraid for my sister.

In a bad economy people are afraid for their jobs.

I am afraid for the future of the country.

angry with and angry at have almost exactly the same meaning

I am angry with my parents.

I am angry at my parents.

She was angry with the school administration.

She was angry at the school administration.

People are angry at the banks for making so many bad loans.

People are angry with the banks for making so many bad loans.

angry about means angry concerning

He was angry about the delayed flight.

Don’t be so angry about everything!

annoyed with, annoyed by, and annoyed at are pretty much interchangeable

I am annoyed at her bad manners.

I am annoyed by her bad manners.

Are you annoyed with the rising cost of living?

Are you annoyed by the rising cost of living?

I’m not annoyed at you.

I’m not annoyed with you.

annoyed over emphasizes the state of mind

The general was annoyed over the delay in funding.

The gymnasts were annoyed over the poor lighting.

anxious about and anxious over mean the same thing, but anxious about is much more common

Many people are anxious about the global economy.

Many people are anxious over the global economy.

She is anxious about meeting new people.

She is anxious over meeting new people.

anxious for means impatient

He is anxious for the first game of the season.

The children are anxious for Christmas to come.

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