Podcast #48 Two-part (Phrasal) Verbs with BLOW

Published in the category Grammar and Usage, Phrasal Verbs

The wind blew away the leaves.

The wind blew the leaves away.

The leaves blew away.

This new model DVD player will blow away the competition.

This new model DVD player will blow the competition away.

That video on YouTube will blow you away.

The song she sang at the audition just blew them away.

She had her gun out, but he came at her, so she blew him away.

The hurricane winds blew down the radio tower.

The hurricane winds blew the radio tower down.

Hundreds of trees were blown down in the cyclone.

The steam pressure blew off the safety cap.

The steam pressure blew the safety cap off.

Are you going to be there at 5 or are you going to blow me off again?

He blew off his homework assignment.

I blew off at her but immediately apologized.

Grandpa blew out the candles on his cake.

Grandpa blew the candles on his cake out.

The storm blew over in just a couple of hours.

It took a while for the scandal to blow over.

I’m sure this economic slump will eventually blow over.

The fireworks warehouse blew up last night.

We’ll blow up the bridge to prevent the enemy from using it.

We’ll blow the bridge up to prevent the enemy from using it.

I blew up 35 balloons for the party.

I blew 35 balloons up for the party.

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