Podcast #49 Spelling Clearly

Published in the category Communicating, General Practice

C as in cat

H as in happy

U as in uncle

N as in Nebraska

G as in George

E as in every

S as in Samuel

L as in long

A as in after

L as in long

O as in other

U as in under

D as in David

A as in apple, Alabama

B as in begin, Boston

C as in camping, Colorado

D as in dentist, Dallas

E as in eagle, Everest

F as in face, Florida

G as in German, Georgia

H as in happy, Hawaii

I as in island, Idaho

J as in jam, Jefferson

K as in keep, Kansas

L as in laugh, Louisiana

M as in mouse, Maryland

N as in noodle, Nevada

O as in often, Ohio

P as in price, Pennsylvania

Q as in quiz, Queens

R as in rooster, Rhode Island

S as in silly, South Dakota

T as in tall, Texas

U as in under, Utah

V as in very, Virginia

W as in wish, Wisconsin

X as in x-ray

Y as in young, Yellowstone

Z as in zebra

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