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Mr. Grace is coming tomorrow, isn’t he?

Mr. Grace isn’t coming tomorrow, is he?

Mrs. Grace is coming tomorrow, isn’t she?

You are coming tomorrow, aren’t you?

His sister loves chocolate, doesn’t she?

Your friends all play tennis, don’t they?

They came here from Mexico, didn’t they?

You are over 21, aren’t you?

You aren’t angry with me, are you?

We can hand in our report tomorrow, can’t we?

We can’t ask for more time to finish, can we?

The engineers have solved the problem, haven’t they?

They haven’t forgotten their promise, have they?

I should have a stronger password, shouldn’t I?

I shouldn’t answer that e-mail, should I?

It’s colder than usual this year, isn’t it?

It isn’t this cold in your country, is it?

He does have his driver’s license, doesn’t he?

He doesn’t have a motorcycle, does he?

You’ll bring some food to the party, won’t you?

You won’t be angry, will you?

That was a great soccer game, wasn’t it?

The stadium wasn’t full, was it?

Your father believes in God, doesn’t he?

They don’t go to church every week, do they?

He could have written me a letter, couldn’t he?

She couldn’t have come any earlier, could she?

Your children all went to college, didn’t they?

They didn’t all become doctors, did they?

The postman has already come, hasn’t he?

The mail hasn’t been delivered yet, has it?

The workers were happy with the settlement, weren’t they?

The owners weren’t going to close the factory, were they?

I’m not being too noisy, am I?

I am right, aren’t I?

You did tell me to be here by five, didn’t you?

You didn’t want me to bring my computer, did you?

The gardeners were here already, weren’t they?

They weren’t supposed to plant new flowers, were they?

Robert sees his girlfriend every weekend, doesn’t he?

Robert doesn’t tell stories about me, does he?

This ring is made of gold, isn’t it?

Your designer watch isn’t a fake, is it?

They would tell me if I’m in danger, wouldn’t they?

They wouldn’t put me in jail, would they?

He likes me, doesn’t he?

It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Those men cannot be trusted, can they?

I shouldn’t have said anything, should I?

His decision will be rejected, won’t it?

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