Podcast #66 Wordnet for MANAGE

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He manages a large restaurant.
I used to manage a dentist’s office.
She manages the city’s water supply.
Managing a McDonalds can be quite stressful.
Have you ever managed a bakery?
He managed a soccer team for five years.

She manages a database of two million subscribers.

They completely mismanaged the budget.
He felt they mismanaged his care.

She manages her time very well.
They are good at managing their money.
You should learn to manage your children better.

Can’t you manage a smile once in a while?
Do you think you can manage a hug?
On the second day I did manage a few words.
Can you manage twenty-five dollars?

But somehow she manages.
Don’t worry, I’ll manage by myself.
The team will manage without him.

He manages on five hours of sleep.
He manages on a pension of twenty thousand dollars a year.

Luckily, he managed to save all his pets.
She managed to run the marathon in under three hours.

He managed to lose it in less than an hour.
Then I managed to drop it [the turkey] on the floor.

He’s the manager of a shoe store.
I spoke with the sales manager where I get my tires.
She is an accounting manager for a big company.
I saw a job listed for a database manager.
My friend works as a stage manager for an opera company.

The management of large projects can be stressful.
Are you taking a course in management this term?
Engineering management requires a lot of experience.
I think inventory management is boring.

Mismanagement is ruining that business.
Their mismanagement of public funds caused legal problems.

Management in this company is not sensitive to employee morale.
Management and labor should share common goals.
Facebook management claims they care about privacy.

I avoid jobs with managerial responsibilities.
Her managerial skills are very high.

The terms of the loan are manageable for me.
His loan payments have become unmanageable.

My workload was too heavy but now it is manageable.
She is stressed out by an unmanageable workload.

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