Podcast #68 Abbreviations and Acronyms

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I went down to AAA to pick up some maps.

I dropped in at AAA to get some maps

She has been going to AA meetings for over ten years.

She’s been attending AA meetings for more than a decade.

HP is severely lowering the prices on their laptop computers.

HP is aggressively discounting their laptop models.

You can now get chicken fried or grilled at KFC.

KFC now offers both grilled and fried chicken.

He hosted one of his usual BYOB parties.

He threw another one of his BYOB parties.

Have you RSVP’d for your roommate’s wedding?

Did you send in the RSVP card for your roommate’s wedding?

Some RVs can be as long as 39 feet.

An RV can run 39 feet in length.

It’s pretty silly to use an SUV for city driving.

Using an SUV for city driving doesn’t make much sense.

I’d like a BLT on white toast, please.

Could I have a BLT on white toast, please.

Kids just love PB&J and so do most adults.

PB&J is a favorite of children and adults alike.

It’s not a great idea to use the same PIN for everything.

Using the same PIN for everything is not exactly a brilliant idea.

You had to show your ID to get into the club.

They ID’d everyone before they let them into the club.

She hired a PI to check on her husband’s finances.

She engaged a PI to look into her husband’s finances.

The SWAT team rescued the hostages with no injuries.

The SWAT team brought the hostages out unhurt.

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