Podcast #82 Saying Good Things About Yourself

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I’m an extremely dependable person.

I’m a person you can depend on.


If I say I’m going to get something done, I do it.

Whatever I say I’m going to do, I do.


I’m a good listener.

I’m good at listening to others.


I care about people.

I’m an empathetic person.


I get along well with people.

I’m an easy person to get along with.


I’m a good communicator.

Communicating well is a priority for me.


I’m a quick learner.

I learn things quickly.


I’m flexible.

I’m a very adaptable person.


I’m energetic.

I have a lot of energy.


I always try to have a positive attitude.

I never let myself get discouraged.


I’m very much a team player.

I like being part of a team.


I’m a problem solver.

I like to solve problems.


I’m always interested in new ideas.

I like to explore new ideas.


I’m able to stay calm even in tense situations.

I don’t get flustered under pressure.


I’m confident.

I have confidence in my abilities.


I take direction well.

I can do what I’m told.


I’m an organized person.

I do things in an organized manner.


I put people at ease.

People feel at ease when they’re dealing with me.


I’m not afraid of hard work.

Hard work doesn’t faze me.


I take criticism well.

I don’t get defensive when I get criticized.


I don’t try to avoid difficult situations.

I don’t shy away from dealing with tough situations.


I never leave a task half done.

I’m not finished with a task until it’s done right.


Staying within budget is very important to me.

I’m very budget-minded.


Staying on schedule is very important to me.

I’m very schedule-minded.

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