Podcast #83 Abbreviations and Acronyms – Part 2

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In this climate people run their AC six months a year.

A/C is pretty much standard for cars these days.

You have to convert AC to DC for many computer devices.

My electric car can charge up on any AC outlet.

Could you please get that done for me asap?

I need the information I requested ASAP.

He has the IQ of a genius, but he never finishes anything.

IQ tests are not a measure of practical social skills.

She was the MC at the anti-war rally.

They asked me to emcee the awards ceremony.

There’s nothing like a glass of OJ to start off the day.

I had this really strong drink made with OJ and tequila.

It’s good PR for a company to support recycling efforts.

She works for a PR firm that specializes in politicians.

The speaker’s presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

The newspaper had a Q&A column about the new tax structure.

Don’t call a support hotline until you have read the FAQ.

I rarely find exactly what I need in an FAQ.

He’s been overworking and is ready for a little R&R.

I’m going to catch some R&R this weekend.

They’ve been running that B&B for ten years now.

I prefer B&Bs to hotels or motels.

She works as a QA engineer for a software company.

Upper management has asked for weekly QA reports.

Doing QC on a video game is unbelievably complex.

I worked in QC for over a year.

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