Podcast #94 Expressions of Frequency – Part 1

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almost always

nearly always

very frequently

quite frequently


very often

quite often








hardly ever

almost never



He is sometimes very stubborn.

She is not often willing to work on weekends.

We are always exhausted after a mountain hike.

My dogs are not always this friendly with strangers.

She was almost never sick.

I am rarely able to spend time by myself.

In the evenings, he was usually working on his computer.

My doctor is not usually available on weekends.


We quite often read for an hour after dinner.

He occasionally disappears for days at a time.

We infrequently experience problems in restaurants.

You can nearly always get help from that teacher.

He quite frequently makes his wife laugh.

She never returns phone calls.

I very often see him when I visit the gym.

I don’t frequently write letters of complaint.

He very frequently skips a meal.

They almost always check IDs at that bar.

We hardly ever travel for more than two weeks.

I seldom chat with my neighbors.


Frequently they see friends on the weekends.

Very often we are powerless over our own actions.

Usually he wears very conservative clothes.

Occasionally she forgets to take her pills.

Quite often he came home drunk.

Sometimes he can very hard on his kids.


She sometimes goes shopping with her mother.

Sometimes she goes shopping with her mother.

She goes shopping with her mother sometimes.


He often talks about his job.

Often he talks about his job.

He talks about his job often.


They often traveled to the seashore.

They didn’t often travel to the seashore.


He always goes to the gym after work.

He doesn’t always go to the gym after work.


This store usually has the lowest prices.

This store doesn’t usually have the lowest prices.

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