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The separable phrasal verb put across means to effectively communicate or explain an idea.

The speaker was not very effective. He was not able to put across his main points.

He was not able to put his main points across.


TV is a good way to put across anti-tobacco messages.

TV is a good way to put anti-tobacco messages across.


The separable phrasal verb get across has the same meaning as put across.


He was not able to get across his main points.

TV is a good way to get anti-tobacco messages across.


You can say to put yourself across if you express yourself effectively


Jack’s presentation was extremely effective. He put himself across very well.



The separable phrasal verb put away can mean to place something out of the way, to put it where it belongs.


Children it is almost bedtime. Please put away your toys.

Please put your toys away.


In a more general sense, put away can mean to get something out of sight, stop using it.


She learned to get a good night’s rest by eating well, exercising and meditating. She was able to put away her sleeping pills.

She was able to put her sleeping pills away.


The verbal phrase put away is usually inseparable when it means to consume food or drink, usually a lot of food or drink.


That Micky is a real drinker. He put away three martinis before the meal was served.


Put away can mean to imprison or to confine.


Sergio was convicted of armed robbery. They put him away for 15 years.

They put away Sergio for 15 years.



The separable phrasal verb put back means to return something to where it was previously located.


She put back the butter in the refrigerator.

She put the butter back in the refrigerator.


Put back can also mean to move a child into an earlier grade in school. For example, if a child is in the fifth grade and cannot handle the work there, he may be put back into the fourth grade.


They put my nephew back into the third grade.




The separable phrasal verb put down can mean to take what you have in your hand and place it on a flat surface, which could be a table or even the ground.


The test is over. Put down your pencils.

Put your pencils down.


The police had the bank robber surrounded. They ordered him to put down his gun.

They ordered him to put his gun down.


If a child has his hand up in class, a teacher may ask him to put it down.


Children, just pay attention to me. I don’t want any questions now. Please put down your hands.

Please put your hands down.


Put down can mean to write when you are filling in a form or being asked for specific information.


He didn’t understand the visa form. He put down his name on the wrong line.

He put his name down on the wrong line.


The job application asked why she wanted to work on a cruise ship. She wasn’t sure what to put down.


Put down can also describe the act of killing a sick or injured animal that will die anyway.


Their dog had an inoperable cancer. They had him put down.



When you put someone down, you make insulting or disparaging remarks about that person.


I don’t like my father’s attitude. He’s always putting me down.


You shouldn’t have put Michelle down in front of her children.

You shouldn’t have put down Michelle in front of her children.




When you put someone down for an amount of money, it means you are writing down an amount of money that the person is expected to contribute to a charity or a collection of some type.


I’m collecting for the Cancer Society. Last year you gave $50. Can I put you down for $75 this year?


Sure, I’ll be happy to contribute to Maria’s retirement present. Put me down for ten bucks.



The expression put down to means to use as an explanation. For example I might say: “George made a bad decision that time. I think you can put that down to his lack of experience.” This means that George’s lack of experience is an explanation for his bad decision.


She did tend to forget things more and more. But we put that down to normal aging.


I know the team did not perform as well as we had expected. I would put that down to a number of factors.


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